To continue on with the Customer Service Wisdom We Can Learn from a Toddler, today’s topic is about “Going the Extra Mile.” To recap we have shared “Deal with the Impatience”, “Listen with Empathy”,”They Need your Assurance”, “Their Loyalty will Follow you Everywhere” and “Focus on Them.”

Go the Extra Mile

To keep a toddler happy, you have to be creative, especially when playing with them. Doing a pretend rodeo? Throw in some cowboy hats, include the dog or be the horse! It sure will be more exhausting and messier but I can guarantee you shrieks of laughter and winning the “Best-Daddy-Ever” award. If you would go through all that trouble just to make toddlers happy, you would do the same for your customers, right? Are you fixing a customer’s technical issue? Offer best solutions and maybe provide compensation for the inconvenience it caused. Did they experience a faulty product? Replace the item and shoulder the shipping. Are you launching a new line of product? Let your loyal patrons experience it first and give samples to potential customers. Always aim to exceed your customers’ expectations and make sure you do whatever it takes to keep them delighted and satisfied.

I hope these lessons help you understand how to deal with your customers (and toddlers) better. Let these toddler tips guide you in establishing good relationship with your customers and providing quality customer service delivery that you can be proud of.